*//*–>*/As clear as a bellAlamy

Can London survive without le ‘ding-dong’ of le Grand Ben? If the bell does fall silent on Monday, it will be for the first time in 157 years – less than half the time we’ve been making our favourite beer.

Of course, if you do find yourself missing the chime célèbre, there is a bonne way to recreate that sound. All it takes is a couple of bottles lightly tapped together. Santé! Here’s to 1664 o’clock for the next four years…

A-level playing fieldAlamy

After yesterday’s A-level results, parents will no doubt be raising a glass or deux to their children’s success. Whether it was “Toutes nos félicitations” or “Quelle dommage”, we say: “A votre santé!” Your not-so-little uns’ supreme efforts deserve a taste supreme, non?

A familiar ring…Alamy

Incroyable! An elderly lady was reunited with the engagement ring she lost 13 years ago when weeding in her garden, after her daughter-in-law pulled it from the ground while picking carrots in the same patch this week.

Le grande felicitations for finding le prized possession. Now sit back and celebrate with a ring pull of a different kind… the one that opens a refreshing can of Kronenbourg 1664, bien sȗr!

We’ll drink to that!Alamy

So, mes amis, at last the good news you (and we) have been waiting for: a new study says beer is good for you. At last it’s officiel!

Yes indeed, a bouteille of beer every night – one for women, two for men – could help reduce the risk of early death, according to scientists at the University of Texas and Shandong University in China. So it seems a bottle or two of Kronenbourg 1664 could possibly be just what the docteur ordered after all…


For more than 350 years Kronenbourg 1664 has been crafting the taste suprême. For more information go to



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