Who doesn’t want to tone up their muscles while feeling powerful and unstoppable? ‘s personal trainer, Morit Summers, has the exercises to help you do just that.

Today, Summers took to Instagram to share a video of three lifting moves with this caption: “Lift because you love it, lift because you want to see progress, lift because being strong is awesome!” We couldn’t agree more, given the scientific , like stronger bones and lower levels of inflammation.

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We reached out to Summers to get the deets on her trifecta of power moves, and she shared their benefits as well as a few tips on pulling off perfect form. Learn how these strength-training exercises can build your strongest core, legs, and arms yet.

Tempo squats

“These help with control of movement and strength, since you have to hold the form of your squat for an extended period of time,” Summers told Health via email. To execute these squats, place a bar across your shoulder blades, bend your knees, and squat backward into your heels. Stand up in a controlled motion, then pause and repeat.

Single-leg Romanian deadlifts

“RDLs work on the eccentric (or lengthened muscle) strength of the hamstrings,” says Summers. To perform the exercise, hinge your hips back while holding your back straight and your core tight, she says.


Seated Z-press

While it’s obvious this exercise works your shoulders, Summers says the movement offers benefits for the core as well. “[You have to] be able to hold your body up in a strong position while pressing a weight over head,” she explains.

Next time you hit the gym, add these moves to your usual strength-training rotation, or pair them with a fun cardio workout. You’ll be looking (and feeling) as fierce as Summers or her curvalicious celeb client Ashley Graham.



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